ThinkQA Suite

Full-web, full compatibility, full quality for your QA tasks

ThinkQA is the first software suite dedicated for Patient Specific QA, that provides an independent secondary dose check, as well as EPID based solutions for pretreatment beam verification and in vivo dosimetry, all at once.

While on the hospital network, all of patient QA outcomes are accessible anytime and anywhere through an intuitive, ergonomic and collaborative interface.

Efficient in the precision of dose controls and innovative in its design, this full web and fully compatible solution reduces the time spent on QA tasks in the RT departments.

All-in-one Web Solution

  • Follow-up of control tasks with a To-Do-List management
  • Results are always available, at the palms of your hands, anywhere you are, as long as you’re connected to the hospital network
  • Efficient warning system
  • Customizable verification protocols
  • Comprehensive reports

Full compatibility

  • Compatible with any TPS systems
  • Compatible with all major linear accelerators: Varian, Elekta, Siemens
  • Compatible with any treatment technique: IMRT, VMAT, and new expanding radiotherapy techniques using FFF (Flattening Filter Free) beam fluence
  • Compatible with every heterogeneous technical platforms to provide a complete, and independent patient database for QA purposes

3 Available Modules


Secondary Dose Check


EPID-based pretreatment beam verification


EPID-based in vivo dosimetry