Monitoring dose delivery with 3D in vivo dosimetry

Based on EPID (Electronic Portal Imaging Device), EPIgray® enables health professionals to catch a patient’s dose deviation during their treatment course and to identify exactly the root causes of errors.

Equipped with 3D views and DVH graphics, EPIgray® offers an in situ display that lets you visualize differences between a predicted dose and a reconstructed dose, according to a 3D patient anatomy analysis.

It also alerts you in case of deviations, anytime, anywhere, within your internal hospital network!

Automatic Error Detection for Target Volume

  • Dose deviation for whole fraction, according to tolerance levels
  • DVH difference between predicted dose and back-projected transit dose
  • Better assessment of treatment quality, fraction after fraction about delivery error, patient setup, anatomical changes, etc

Dose Volume Analysis for Organs at Risk

  • DVH comparison: predicted dose vs. reconstructed dose
  • Indicators for error locations and their severity, volume per volume

3D Beam analysis

  • Color-coded deviations projected onto the beam portal image
  • Beam’s Eye View display in the 3D patient anatomy for each beam

Dose Monitoring by EPIgray Web

  • Instant alert according to the value of reconstructed dose, based on automatic control points
  • Access to results and reports anytime, anywhere
  • Follow-up of all dose controls for each patient
  • Full error details about user-defined control points for whole fraction and per beam

Automated Patient QA

  • Smart and vendor-neutral workflow
  • Compatibility with any LINAC, EPID, TPS and R&V
  • Compatibility with major techniques: 3DCR, IMRT and VMAT
  • Automatic deviation detections on patient’s anatomical changes, patient positioning, gas presence, accessory use, etc.

* Product distributed exclusively by Elekta