Enhancing patient treatment safety with automatic secondary MU verification

MU2net verifies the Monitor Unit calculation performed by your Treatment Planning System (TPS) by taking advantage of its independent algorithm.

MU2net works from original DICOM files to check the validity of TPS computed MU. It gives the possibility to intercept automatically the DICOM files sent to the treatment machine via Record & Verify system and trigger an alert in case of discrepancy.

It supports photon and electron beams, blocks and wedges, static MLC, IMRT and VMAT/RapidArc® and FFF techniques.

Fast and Accurate MU Calculation

  • No more tedious manual entries and hand-calculations
  • Independent algorithm based on limited number of experimental data
  • Customized adjustment of tolerance limits
  • Quick commissioning for 3D/SAR dose calculation

User-friendly Dashboard

  • Easy review of RT plans
  • Quick treatment approval
  • Results are accessible at anytime, anywhere, in your hospital network
  • Automatic alerts in case of MU discrepancy

Statistical Analysis Tool

  • Ability to trace all of the user’s operations and calculations
  • Available comprehensive reports

* Product distributed exclusively by Elekta