As a spin-off from Institut Gustave Roussy and Institut Curie in Paris, France, DOSIsoft was founded in 2002. It is committed to design, develop and sell the cutting edge software solutions specialized in Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.

In less than 10 years, we have become the leading software company in France and the second most leading software company in Europe. Today, DOSIsoft software solutions are used by more than 200 hospitals in 26 countries. The medical industry trusts DOSIsoft for our expertise in registration, volume segmentation, beam set-up, dose calculation, tumor response follow-up, and more!

DOSIsoft headquarters is located in the Paris region of France, near Institut Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus. We have been expanding our international presence in the last 10 years, building a network of local representatives around the world. In 2016, DOSIsoft created a US branch in Miami, FL to address the demand for the North and South American markets.

  • 2016

    DOSIsoft opens its first U.S. branch

    DOSIsoft created a US branch in Miami, Florida to address the demand for North and South American markets. DOSIsoft is in collaboration with major U.S. Cancer Centers and we are constantly expanding our presence in the market.

  • 2015

    DOSIsoft releases EPIbeam for pretreatment beam verification

    EPIbeam is a phantom free software used to control various aspects within the external radiation therapy pre-treatment stage. Its most important function is to check the accuracy on the various beams to the TPS calculated theoretical beams, by comparing the associated EPID image to the theoretical image. The beams can then be validated and the results can be analyzed, thus making a decision on whether or not to treat the patient using them.

  • 2013

    DOSIsoft improves SIRT (Y90) dosimetry with PLANET® Dose

    PLANET® Dose is a complete software for 3D personalized radionuclide therapy. With PLANET® Dose the segmentation of the volume of interest can be achieved, the dose calculation can be performed and analysis can be accomplished using advanced tools. This innovative software aims to optimize the treatment to be the most efficient possible and personalized to each patient.

  • 2011

    DOSIsoft introduces in vivo dosimetry with EPIgray®

    EPIgray® is an advanced software where data is processed to verify patient quality treatment. An analysis on a patient can be made from the EPID-based in vivo dosimetry results. The calculated outcome will show if the correct dose is given to the designated target volume. The medical community acknowledges EPIgray for being a highly efficient web-based solution.

  • 2008

    DOSIsoft’s first step into Quality Assurance with MU2net

    DOSIsoft released MU2net, a specific software dedicated to re-calculate the number of MU (Monitor Units), after it has been calculated by the TPS (Treatment Planning System). The MU re-calculation is independent, as it is based on an algorithm separate from the TPS. The re-calculation is a crucial step in verifying the quality of treatment in Radiation Oncology.

  • 2007

    DOSIsoft gets into Nuclear Medicine by initiating PLANET® Suite

    With our evolving technology, we wanted to improve some aspects of Nuclear Medicine. Using our expertise in Radiation Oncology, our experts worked on providing tools for a better diagnosis in neurology and provided an advanced dosimetry for Targeted Radionuclide Therapies.

  • 2005

    DOSIsoft launches ISOgray®, a complete Treatment Planning System

    DOSIsoft has created a comprehensive Treatment Planning System containing a registration and segmentation module (IMAgo), a virtual simulation module (SIMAgo), and an advanced dose planning module (ISOgray®). After only a few years, ISOgray® was used in a large number of Radiation Oncology centers in France.

  • 2002

    DOSIsoft was born

    Originating from two of the major Cancer Centers in the world, Institut Gustave Roussy and Institut Curie, DOSIsoft was created in the Paris region of France with the aim to improve Cancer treatment with software innovation.