Regina Elena Hospital Purchases PLANET Software Suite

Warm welcome to Regina Elena Hospital (Rome, Italy) who decided to purchase PLANET® Dose/Onco to perform multimodal imaging management and better personalize 3D dosimetry-based treatment planning and in vivo control.

The Regina Elena National Cancer Institute (IRE) is actively involved in three main areas: clinical, research and training. Over time IRE has consolidated the strategic objective of enhancing translational research toward improving diagnosis and treatment in oncology. Other clinical research activities include personalized treatments of tumors, the control of cancer pain and the chrono-modulated chemotherapy, and new “intelligent drugs”. Some diagnostic and therapeutic services such as Nuclear Medicine, PET and radiotherapy are among the most modern and advanced in the European healthcare system. IRE handles over one million outpatients each year, and more than 10.000 hospital admissions. It is also the regional referral center for digestive endoscopy, familial polyposis, multiple sclerosis and home care for neurosurgical patients as well as the national reference center for epilepsy and tumor patients.