Advanced management and quantification of anatomical and functional series

PLANET® Onco aims to help Physicians in the implementation of Oncology techniques such as, Diagnosis, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Adaptive Therapy.

It provides the aid needed with its complete structure segmentations: GTV, BTV, CTV, PTV, OAR  (Gross Tumor Volume, Biological Tumor Volume, Clinical Tumor Volume, Planning Target Volume, Organs At Risks) and quantified therapy monitoring from multimodal imaging (CT, MRI, PET, SPECT). The fast, safe, repeatable and non operator dependent features are given to improve data processing.

Comprehensive Image Reviewing

  • Multi-modality: CT, CTA, CBCT, 3D XA, MRI, PET, SPECT
  • Dedicated multi-layout
  • Powerful fusion of anatomical and functional series
  • Rigid and deformable registration

Advanced Contouring Tools

  • Automatic and semi-automatic contouring tools
  • Contour duplication and interpolation capabilities between time points and different modalities
  • Intensity-based contour delineation (e.g. bones, external body contour extraction)
  • 3D margin calculation
  • Structures agreement quantification (Dice, Jaccard, overlap fraction, sensibility, specificity indices)
  • Multi-Atlas (ABAS) or organs at risk

Segmentation and Quantification

  • One click and automatic segmentation of uptake areas on functional series: Maximum intensity, Nestle, Black, Fitting, Adaptive methods
  • Partial volume effect correction for functional modalities
  • Fully automatic segmentation for whole body PET/CT series
  • Lesion quantification of metabolic activity: volume, SUV mean (including partial volume effect correction), SUV max, SUV peak and TLG
  • Automatic lung segmentation
  • Specific tool for Sarcoidosis assessment

Therapy Response Assessment

  • Automatic correlation of tumors, segmentation and follow-up across time points
  • Contour duplication and interpolation capabilities between time points series and different modalities
  • Disease change assessment using a parametric imaging approach
  • RECIST 1.1 and PERCIST 1.0 format reports

Report and Connectivity

  • Import & export of image and RT-Struct from/to any DICOM System, TPS
  • DICOM Query Retrieve Import/Export (SCP/SCU)
  • Integrated report
  • Specific tool for Sarcoidosis assessment

Multimodal Image Texture Computation & Analysis

  • For anatomical and functional series
  • Integrated with automatic and reproducible segmentation tools
  • Extraction of 40 indices based on four 3D matrices (GLCM, GLRLM, GLZLM, NGLDM)
  • Absolute or relative binning methods
  • Graphical analysis tools (histograms, radar/Kiviat charts, …)
  • Basis for Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence studies