Personalized 3D dosimetry for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy using 90Y-microspheres or 177Lu

PLANET® Dose provides pre & post-implementation dosimetry, estimation of time-integrated activity, allows the possibility of comparing between treatment planning and validation control dose maps, and the consolidation of multi-treatment stages.

It offers a complete integration of oncology features (PLANET Onco), with versatile and high performance solutions for the whole clinical workflow.

90Yttrium Microspheres

  • Pre-implantation dosimetry based on 99Tcm-MAA-SPECT exam (MacroAggregate Albumin)
  • Liver-lung shunt assessment
  • Post-implantation dosimetry based on 90Y-microspheres-PET (or SPECT Bremsstrahlung) exam
  •  Voxel S-Values dose kernel convolution algorithm/Local Deposition Method
  • Dose map comparison: treatment planning vs. in vivo control
  • Consolidation of multi-treatment stages


  • Multi-time points elastic registration
  • Automatic deformable propagation of VOI across times
  • Residence time calculation
  • Dose computation based on voxel-level analysis
  • Voxel S-Values dose kernel convolution algorithm/Local Deposition Method
  • Dosimetry comparison and consolidation of multi-treatment stages

Oncology features included

  • Multi-modality image display and fusion
  • Rigid and deformable registration
  • Automatic segmentation (lungs, functional tumor, etc.)
  • Advanced contouring
  • Volume Of Interest quantification
  • Therapy response assessment (RECIST, PERCIST)
  • Reporting and traceability