MU2net Available with FFF Fluence Mode

Secondary MU calculation software, MU2net is now upgraded. In its new version 2.1.0., major improvements have been achieved:

  • Availability of calculation of photon beams with FFF fluence: Its new version allows the dose calculation and modelization of photon beams with FFF fluence (Flattening Filter Free). A beam must be created specifically in the library to specify the NON-STANDARD type for the fluence.
  • Automation of VMAT plan calculation taking into account the structures of interest once reception of the two files RT_Plan and RT_StructureSet.
  • Improvement of dose calculation for non IMRT static beams (3D conformational): Like the beams with intensity modulation, a fluence matrix is now computed by the formalism allowing a more precise dose calculation for off-axis calculation points (open beam; physical, dynamic or virtual wedge; block).