ECMP European Conference 2024

DOSIsoft participates as sponsor in the 5th European Conference of Medical Physics (ECMP) – Joint Conference of the DGMP, ÖGMP & SGSMP.

September 11-14, 2024 | Science Congress Center Munich | Garching (Munich), Germany

Elekta ONE | Patient QA Showcase 

Elekta booth

ThinkQA Secondary Dose Check : Reliable, automated  & independent 3D calculation-based dose verification for online & offline adaptive workflows

  • Dose computation accuracy
  • Relevant dose comparison metrics
  • Ergonomic web design

Find out complete Patient QA  software solutions can decrease physicist workload and provide actionable insights to easily maintain patient safety, treatment quality and regulatory compliance. Come visit us and learn more about: 

  • Independent 2nd dose check
  • Phantomless pretreatment check
  • EPID-based in vivo check

PLANET® Showcase “Multi-radionuclide voxel based personalized dosiemtry”

DOSIsoft booth #19

Come and check the advanced features of PLANET® Dose – Patient-specific, multi-radionuclide (90Y/177Lu/131I/166Ho) & theranostics platform.

PLANET® Onco: Oncology software for Molecular Imaging (MI) & Radiotherapy. It helps to optimize disease diagnosis & therapy through registration, contouring, advanced quantification & patient response from multimodal imaging. Texture analysis for diagnosis, follow-up & radiomics is provided.

PLANET® Dose: Dosimetry software for Molecular RadioTherapy (MRT) providing multiple and integrated workflow for 90Y/177Lu/131I/166Ho dosimetry. It allows to personalize patient therapy through pre/post-implementation dosimetry, automatic structure propagation, calculation of residence time & comparison between treatment planning & validation control dose maps. Consolidation of multi-treatment stages is available.

Click on the link provided for more information: ECPM 2024