[Customer Testimonial] EPIbeam-phantomless QA solution boosts pre-treatment efficiency at Korean medical center

Mai 1, 2023 – Elekta’s Online Magazine – Phantom-less QA solution boosts pre-treatment efficiency at Korean medical center

Since May 2022, Clinicians at the Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS) has been using EPIbeam EPID-based patient QA software for patient-specific quality assurance. KIRAMS staff underlined that Performing pre-radiotherapy verification using the EPID in the treatment room without cumbersome setup procedures is the best solution to save time and overcome staffing limitations.

“By using EPIbeam for pre-treatment, patient-specific QA we are able to save one hour from the minimum of 30 minutes required just for physical phantom setup.” according to Chief medical physicist Kum Bae Kim, PhD.

The gamma passing rate of EPIbeam was higher than that of PTW729 at 3 mm/3% with a statistically significant difference. Moreover, a significant difference was also observed when the PTV was greater than 150 cm3.

They also noted that EPIbeam has a short setup time, reduced volume average effect and high spatial resolution. 

Read the whole article to know how EPIbeam, EPID-based portal dosimetry software can be quick to implement and provide them efficient pre-treatment verification in comparison to their previous QA workflow, which utilized a physical phantom.