[Customer Testimonial] “Time-saving & Easy-to-use” EPIbeam Pretreatment QA benefits highlighted by Elekta’s customer Minneapolis Radiation Oncology (MRO) Center

Oct 22, 2021 – Elekta’s Online Magazine – Save time and increase confidence with Elekta Patient QA Solutions

The recent customer story published on Elekta’s Online Magazine highlights the real benefits brought by EPIbeam at the Minneapolis Radiation Oncology (MRO) North Memorial Radiation Therapy Center. The Pre-treatment QA reduces the need for after hours working as well as improves spatial resolution for small targets.

Dr. Raj Varadhan, Director of Physics Technology at MRO, says “The main motivation for switching to a portal dosimetry-based system, is the ease of use and huge time savings it offers physicists, without sacrificing quality.”

“EPID dosimetry is an efficient tool for routine patient IMRT/VMAT QA that can be performed in a far shorter timeframe than 3D detector-based measurements,” he concludes. “With the phantom-based method, a separate QA plan had to be created, which took around 10 minutes per patient. Then the phantom had to be set up correctly and all the leads connected before the plan could be delivered. We now save approximately 15-20 minutes per VMAT plan for pre-treatment QA, and we can use this time to prioritize our work better and to focus our attention on other important clinical tasks.”