2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop

DOSIsoft attends the 2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop – Science in Development

9:00 am Friday October 26 – 16:15 pm Saturday October 27, 2018 | Malaga, Spain

The following topics will be discussed this year to foster scientific exchange:

– Strategies for patient specific QA pre-treatment or in vivo
Chairs: Jeroen Van der Kamer & Dirk Verellen

– Predictive models of Toxicity in RT 
Chairs: Tiziana Rancati & Claudio Fiorino

– Improving range accuracy in particle therapy
Chairs: Christian Richter & Ludvig Muren

Realtime and adaptive management of anatomical variations 
Chairs: Ben Heijmen & Marianne Aznar

Quantitative imaging for treatment planning
Chairs: Uulke Van der Heide & Daniela Thorwarth  

Click on the link provided for more information: 2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop