[Poster] Commissioning of an In Vivo Quality Assurance Method using the Electronic Portal Imaging Device

Oliver Morin, Mareike Held, Angelica Perez-Andujar and Jean Pouliot
Department of Radiation Oncology, UCSF Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center

Presented at AAPM 2014

Introduction: EPID-based in-vivo quality assurance (QA) has been demonstrated for several years to be a great candidate for creating permanent record of the daily treatments. However, mostly academic institutions have implemented the QA approach. This research is the first to evaluate the perfomance and limitation of a commercial product. The objectives of this study were to

  • explore the workload required for clinical implementation of a commercially available EPID-based  in-vivo QA approach
  • investigate its physcial performance in terms of accuracy for different clinical treatment situations (IMRT and VMAT)

Conclusion: The accuracy achieved by EPIgray is adequate to document the safe delivery of complex modulated treatments such as IMRT. An accuracy better than 5% was demonstrated for selected high-dose points on a  large number of phantom and patient cases. Our current workd is focusing on improving the reconstructed dose from VMAT and FFF deliveries. A seperate model has been created and scatter correction kernels are being investigated.