[Poster] Valutazione e confronto di diversi sistemi commerciali per controlli di qualità per IMRT e VMAT*

*Evaluation and comparison of different commercial quality control systems for IMRT and VMAT

Stefania Cora, Paolo Francescon, Tommaso Venturelli
Department of Medical Physics – Ospedale San Bortolo – ULSS 6 – Vicenza -ITALY

Presented at AIFM 2013

Introduction & Purpose: Patient-specific plan QA for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy and Volumetric radiotherapy techniques has the purpose to identify possible delivery errors before the treatment. Many commercial systems are currently available for this purpose. The aim of the study is as follows: 

  • To describe the use of, and results from, various dosimetric systems employed for patient-specific plan QA
  • To report their sensitivity in detecting possible delivery errors
  • To report their accuracy in the calculation of the dose

Discussion & Conclusion: In principle, the three commercial systems analyzed in this work could be useful tools for quality assurance of treatment plans delivery. However, it appears that their accuracy in dose determination has some limitations related to the low resolution of the ion chambers array and beam modeling for the Compass system; to the simple algorithm used for dose reconstruction from EPID images for the Epigray system; to the several corrections applied to the planned dose from the measurements to obtain the so called “revised patient dose” in the 3DVH system. Some of the systems are still under active development to mitigate their limitations and we are planning to continue their evaluation.