Virtual Simulation Tool provided for efficient beam commissioning

Specially designed to increase your clinical efficiency, SIMAgo is an intuitive solution dedicated to beam definition. Your daily practice can be standardized, thanks to customized clinical templates.

Accurate Beam Positioning

  • According to your own clinical practice, SIMAgo can set up any high energy beams (photons, electrons) with any treatment technique (mono/multi SAD, SSD, ARC, Non-coplanar)

Field Shaping Adjustment to the Target Volume

SIMAgo allows you to make the correct field shape automatically:

  • 2D and multiplanar view
  • Real-time display of the beam centering in Beam’s Eye View through Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph (DRR) as well as dynamic 3D visualization
  • Useful field aperture projections, on the virtual patient skin, to detect any geometrically misalignments from the neighboring beams

Realistic Treatment Room Modelling

  • Reliable rendering simulation, taking into account the geometric parameters of the treatment unit (scales and movements), patient support system and accessories (trays, electron applicators, wedges, electronic portal imaging device …)
  • Automatic detection of the potential risk of collision between the machine and patient, and verification of the geometrical feasibility of the machine configuration

Versatility and Network Adaptability

  • Developed in close collaboration with clinical centers and tested under a wide range of systems
  • SIMAgo works with different kinds of beam modification devices (ex: wedges)
  • Supports any multileaf collimator (MLC) available on the market, including micro-MLC


  • Advanced virtual simulation application based on multimodality images and structures
  • Dynamic and real-time display to optimize the geometry of the treatment plan at current time phase or on static structure