MorphoBOX is a stand-alone software solution that performs automatic segmentation of organs of interest without any human intervention. By a simple DICOM export, MorphoBOX provides you with the results of the transferred structures, into your TPS within a few minutes.

Its Atlas-Based Automatic Segmentation (ABAS) methods use atlases designed by experts in combination with the most advanced deformable registration algorithm. Moreover, MorphoBOX ensures smart follow-up tasks, thanks to its secure web application, accessible from any web browser.

Fully Automatic Contouring Process

  • Fast identification and labeling: 20 structures within a few minutes
  • Segmentation performed whenever you need it, whether or not medical personnel is present
  • Have the availability of your TPS to perform other tasks while MorphoBOX is processing

Relevant and Accurate Structures

  • No more user-induced variability (with repeatable efficiency and segmentation accuracy)
  • Structures are defined by cutting-edge atlases from various parts of the world
  • Unlimited number of segmentation requests