DOSIsoft participates in the 35th Annual Congress of EANM (The European Association of Nuclear Medicine)

October 15-19, 2022 | CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain

PLANET Product Show

DOSIsoft Booth #12

Come and check the advanced features of PLANET® Suite Patient-specific, multi-radionuclide (90Y/177Lu/131I/166Ho) & Theranostics platform for Molecular Imaging & Molecular RadioTherapy dosimetry. It comprises:

PLANET® Onco: Oncology software for Molecular Imaging (MI) & Radiotherapy. It helps to optimize disease diagnosis & therapy through registration, contouring, advanced quantification & patient response from multimodal imaging. Texture analysis for diagnosis, follow-up & radiomics is provided.

PLANET® Dose: Dosimetry software for Molecular RadioTherapy (MRT) providing multiple and integrated workflow for 90Y/177Lu/131I/166Ho dosimetry. It allows to personalize patient therapy through pre/post-implementation dosimetry, automatic structure propagation, calculation of residence time & comparison between treatment planning & validation control dose maps. Consolidation of multi-treatment stages is available.

Oral Communication & Poster

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Happy 20! Made in DOSIsoft

Celebrating DOSIsoft 20th Anniversary during EANM on booth #12

Join our “20 Years of Innovation” cocktails

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